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Что такое K-FARM?

K-FARM What is NOORI Business?

Local government characterization support linkage medical tour business which is connected to Chungbuk, Yeongdong, Chungnam, Gongju, Yesan and starting from Daejeon medical tourism.

K-fram is

2013 local government linkage cooperation business which is managed by ministry of agriculture, food and rural affairs and committee on regional development.

K-FARM NOORI Business stands for Korea, Fun&Food, Agriculture, Relax, MICE&Medical, Is linked with Daejeon metropolitan city, Chungnam, Gongju , Yesan and so on.

Local government specialization resource and makes a connection and push forward a business between medical tourism and farm experience, is the new creation economy model which is assimilated with Korea’s traditional culture, Korea food, farm tourism, MICE industry, medical tourism and going along by highlighting local government’s characterization

Medical tourists have health medical examination and advanced medial care and experience Youndong province’s traditional music and wine, Gongju-si’s Korea-style house experience and Yesan country’s slow city and apple farm experience and culture of farm village

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